Fun Factory Introduces Love Yourself Cosmetic Line to the Stars

Ariana Rodriguez
BURBANK, Calif. — Fun Factory presented Oscar award nominees with its Love Yourself cosmetic line, along with other new products, last month at GBK’s 2010 Oscar Luxury Gifting Lounge.

The event took place at the W Hotel in Hollywood, where celebrities and Oscar nominees gathered at the pre-Oscar Gift Lounge. Guests included “Precious” star Gabourey Sidibe, Quenton Aaron of “The Blind Side,” and Angela Basset.

The A-list celebrities received gift bags from The Peek-A-Boo Boutique, which contained Fun Factory’s Satine Moi Massage Oil and Coloure Moi Kissable Body Paint from the Love Yourself cosmetic line, as well as its Layaspot vibrator and Smart Balls.

Rudy Kottbauer, Fun Factory’s sales, marketing and customer relations director, attended the event. He told XBIZ that the company handed out more products than he expected and overall saw delight in the faces of the celebrities that walked away with Fun Factory goodies.

“Most of them were surprised to see intimate products as part of the gift bags, but were really excited and immediately drawn to the cosmetic line,” Kottbauer said, adding that an exquisite display of the line garnered curiosity.

The Oscar event is not the first time Fun Factory has infiltrated Hollywood. Earlier in the year, Fun Factory was present at a Grammy party, and the company first participated in a pre-Oscar gifting event in 2006, Kottbauer said.

“It’s important to get into these events and penetrate mainstream,” he said. “Once people see them and become familiar with the brand, it makes them more open to accepting our range of products. Our cosmetic line is a perfect door-opener.”

Kottbauer added that high-end boutiques also are helping in the endeavor to make adult products more acceptable among mainstream. In addition, well-known chains, such as Hustler Hollywood stores, are perfect because of their popularity and elaborate window displays, which Fun Factory has adorned with its offerings.

“The big window displays draw people into the stores to see our products,” Kottbauer said.

Fun Factory’s Love Yourself cosmetic line includes Colore Moi Kissable Body Paint in three colors with corresponding flavors, including Vanilla, Strawberry (red) and Chocolate (brown).

The line also features the Frisonne Moi cooling balm, and Savoure Moi warming, kissable love fluid in cranberry, coconut-almond, orange-ginger and chocolate flavors.

Kottbauer said the Love Yourself line is perfect for setting an intimate mood among couples, and the fact that the line is manufactured following the high standards of Germany with all-natural ingredients, also makes it very desirable.

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