The Screaming O Debuts OJoy Non-vibrating Stimulation Ring

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES —The Screaming O has released the OJoy, its first nonvibrating erection ring with rubby nubbies, pleasure dots and an ergonomic digit divot.

The OJoy offers couples full-frontal textured stimulation with firm-textured pleasure dots and smaller rubby nubbies that work together to arouse the whole vulva, while a digit divot lets him or her control clitoral contact with one touch.

“Whether it’s way too loud or feels too intense, vibration isn’t the only way to get off when you’re getting it on,” The Screaming O representative Conde Aumann said. “The OJoy gives couples total control with textured stimulation at their fingertips — and the neighbors won’t hear a thing!”

The OJoy is a one-size-fits-all erection band made firm silicone material.

"The OJoy was developed for couples and women who don’t benefit from the powerful tingling sensation that traditional vibrating cockrings offer," Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano said. "Variety is the key to satisfying sex, and the OJoy gives shoppers something different that reminds them how amazing sex felt before the invention of the super-powered vibrator."

The OJoy is available in pink and purple with matching eye-catching display units and fun and friendly packaging for entry-level users.