BeaMonstar Adds ‘Erupt’ Energy Shot to Enzyte Line

Ariana Rodriguez
LAS VEGAS — With more than 3 million reported Enzyte natural male enhancement users, consumers are now offered the Enzyte Erupt Energy Shot, giving men on-the-spot all-natural sexual enhancement that allows them to stay firmer and last longer.

Erupt is a berry-flavored energy drink shot available in two-ounce bottles. It is a situation-specific alternative to the original Enzyte once-daily tablet that has been giving men stronger, firmer, full-feeling erections for the past five years.

The bottles can be stocked on shelves or at the register in POP display boxes.

BeaMonstar President Jeff Bolanos called the Erupt the latest product in the evolution of male enhancement products.

All Enzyte products are backed by a $30 million print and television ad campaign featuring “Smiling Bob.” Commercials featuring the beaming spokesperson are featured on mainstream cable TV networks that include MTV, FX, SciFi, Spike, ESPN and VH1, among several others.

Bolanos said the exposure has led to BeaMonstar’s products’ wide acceptance. The company’s signature product, the all-natural male enhancement pill ExtenZe, is available in convenience stores, including 7-11, nationwide.

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