Ultimate Gay Fighter DVD, Website Announced

Bob Johnson

SAN FRANCISCO — A new gay video and website combining ultimate fighting and sex was announced by "Ultimate Gay Fighter" Wednesday.

The company said this is a first in the adult market, combining the action seen on Ultimate Fighting Championship and other MMA bouts with hot man-on-man sex.

The movie stars newcomer Caleb Dixon and adult star Dean Tucker "...who battle for top in a winner-takes-all brawl."

Director Russ Meyers said, “Visceral, raw and real, it is unlike anything in adult video today.”

The company said the DVD is available from ULTIMATEGAYFIGHTER and contains the main fighting event and the resulting main sex event, as well as the audition sex scenes for each fighter including Dean Tucker paired with newbie, Josh Steele and Caleb Dixon paired with Christopher Wilde.

Rounding out the feature, each fighter delivers a solo scene. There are six total scenes.

Access to the streaming membership site can be gained through the UGF website for a $14.95 subscription. This gives viewers access to the full DVD as well as extras including sales and specials updates, model galleries of each fighter and a chance for a viewer to become an Ultimate Gay Fighter.

Along with the launch of the website, UGF is also launching an affiliate program for webmasters. For more information visit ULTIMATEGAYFIGHTER/affiliate.