Cocksure Men Releases ‘Fuck Your Friends 2’

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Cocksure Men has released the second edition of its “Fuck Your Friends” series.

The movie stars four couples: Zohan Lopez and Rod Daily, Ashland Reker and Beaux Banner, Slade and David Dakota, and Nick Capra and Colby Keller.

“Jake Cruise always comes up with new ideas for movies and they’re always hits,” said Janet Tamborelli, vice president of sales for Pulse Distribution. “‘Fuck Your Friends’ is one of Cocksure Men’s best-selling series and I can understand why — the premise of hot friends fucking is genius. And with even hotter guys in ‘Fuck Your Friends 2,’ this DVD could outsell the first one.”

For sales, email, or call (818) 435-1604.