Jenna Jameson Recording Debut Album

Bob Johnson
LOS ANGELES — Adult legend Jenna Jameson is working on her debut music album with producer Jud Mahoney, porn-friendly website LadiezNight reported.

In an interview with the site, mega-star Jameson mentioned that she was in “the studio,” as in music studio.

“Seems besides all of Jenna’s talents we have seen so far, there are still some we didn’t know about. Jenna can sing! She is working on recording an album right now. I can’t wait to hear it. She will be releasing a single first and I will have a link for it the minute it is available. Jenna is very excited about recording and singing, she said on twitter 'It was seriously insane! I have found a new passion.'”

Jameson said she began singing while living in Las Vegas earlier in her career.

“I was a member of a play company that required everyone to sing and dance. I always loved dancing, and was classically trained, but singing was something I really never pursued. Now that I am finally pursuing it, I am extremely excited, and a little nervous. I do my best work when I’m nervous,” Jameson said.

The report stated that there are no specifics on the album’s release date, but Jameson did say the first single is a collaboration and the other artists will be announced soon.

Jameson wasn’t sure if this would be her new career. She said it depends on whether fans accept her as a singer and buy her music.