AEBN Streams Pitbull's 'New Thug City 2'

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — AEBN continues to innovate by expanding into new markets and creating strategic partnerships that widen the reach of the growing brand.

AEBN has secured exclusive VOD rights to stream the new Pitbull title "New Thug City 2: Supreme's Revenge."

"We are very excited to have this hot new title available on our theaters," AEBN's Chris Baker said. "The first film was fantastic and "New Thug City 2: Supreme's Revenge" offers nothing but the best as a follow-up. Fans of Supreme — and there are a lot of them — won't want to miss him here."

In the red-hot sequel to "New Thug City Part 1," Supreme discovers who is loyal and who is not, and things get really intense when Rudy Scott vows to take Supreme down. "New Thug City 2: Supreme's Revenge" is the latest in the thug-porn niche from Pitbull Productions.

This exclusive release continues a deal inked between the two companies in January 2007 which has brought several Pitbull titles to AEBN during the last three years, including the original "New Thug City."

"AEBN is the premiere VOD company to partner with," Pitbull Vice President Bruce Fleming said. "We are proud to be associated with such a great company. AEBN has been a dream to work with and we look forward to a very long relationship."

"New Thug City" is an AEBN exclusive title for the month of April and the company has created custom promotional materials for affiliates to use in their efforts to generate revenue from the film.