SK8MAFIA Releases Asa Akira Skateboard Featuring Van Styles' Photography

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — Skateboarding company SK8MAFIA has shipped the first copies of a custom, limited edition skateboard featuring 2010 XBIZ award nominated adult performer Asa Akira.

The photography featured on the high-end deck was supplied by director Van Styles, who was also instrumental in setting up Akira's deal with the company. SK8MAFIA's many products are released through Blitz Distribution, the global giant known for distributing lines by Tony Hawk and other industry leaders.

"They are a great company that is 100 percent true to skateboarding and I respect that,” Styles said. “Coming from a skateboarding background myself, the opportunity to have one of my photos on a board sold worldwide is really an honor. The team they've assembled is sick and to be able to have this opportunity with a brand like this is a great thing."

He also said that he believes the company found the ideal model to launch what is planned to be a series of adult boards.

"Asa is quickly and steadily building her name and reputation as an amazing porn actress,” Styles said. “I figured it would be great for Sk8MAFIA to get a board with such a fast rising star. Plus I know Asa loves the skateboard community and would really be into this."

Akira and Styles are quick to point out that the boards will benefit from international releasing through Blitz Distribution, the same company that helps keep skateboard legend Tony Hawk's decks in shops worldwide.

"I'm excited to be working with one of the true leaders in the skateboarding community," Akira said.

Styles adds, "the thing I love most is that we're doing this with a real skateboard company whose goods are sold across the globe in skateboarding shops. This is not some guy putting porn girls on a skate deck that might get sold in a couple stores locally.

"From the design to the distribution, this is the real deal and I look forward to doing more projects like this with Sk8MAFIA."

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