AMG Launches 2 Mobile Sites With Spankmo

Lyla Katz

SAN FRANCISCO — All-male studio Athletic Model Guild launches two mobile sites as part of a partnership with Barcelona-based Spankmo mobile.

AMG Classic Mobile, m.AthleticModelGuild, and AMG Brasil Mobile, m.AMGBrasil, are formatted for mobile devices including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and others.

Each feature the same content as their corresponding sites AMGClassics and AMGBrasil. Both mobile sites, just like the original sites, will be updated regularly.

"Now you can watch your favorite AMG models from anywhere in the world, without sacrificing quality. It's really a beautiful thing," AMG President Dennis Bell said. "We've worked really hard to make sure that our studio remains on the cutting edge of technological innovations and the mobile platform is no different."

"We're really excited to bring AMG to mobile," Spankmo co-founder Alan Westenbroek said. "The AMG Classics are such a key part of American cultural history, it is an honor to be involved in bringing them to a new technology and a new audience, along with the great new generation of AMG Brasil."

The studio’s affiliate program, AMGCash, will now also offer mobile incentives to affiliates. Bell said that this was always the sort of entry into mobile that the studio deserved.

"It's seamless," Bell said. "No one is missing out with our Spankmo powered sites, which is a whole hell of a lot more than I can say for our situation with Apple."

The situation with Apple happened last February when two of AMG’s mobile iPhone apps, AMGBeefCake and AMGBrasilBoys were approved for the iPhone, but then deemed obscene and removed from Apple’s app store. Both apps featured gay, non-nude but shirtless models.

"You know, that whole situation with Apple not making consistent decisions was just ridiculous," Bell said. "Those apps were supposed to be our entry into mobile technology, but it was really just a pain. Who needs them anyway? With Spankmo-powered sites, you don't need an Apple device to view the content. But the irony is that now our new mobile sites can be viewed easily on Apple’s new iPad!”

Bell adds the studio couldn’t have found a better partner to tackle mobile technology.