New York OB/GYN Offering LELO Products to Patients

Ariana Rodriguez
MANHATTAN — LELO, a leading designer brand of intimate lifestyle products, is working with Manhattan obstetrician/gynecologist Andrew Scheinfeld to offer LELO sensual health products to patients.

Reportedly, he is the first doctor in the U.S. to present women with a private, professional environment to review and purchase sexual health products.

“I encourage all gynecologists to consider bringing these beneficial products out of the closet to a place where more women can find comfortable access with needed support and reassurance," Scheinfeld said.

He said that as a medical student in Brussels during the ‘70s, Scheinfeld noticed the difference between American and European women’s attitudes towards sexuality. Because of America’s prudish standards, American women know very little about their bodies and their sensual health potential, Scheinfeld said.

“Throughout my 25 year career as an obstetrician/gynecologist, I have heard women of all ages and backgrounds complain about decreased sexual desire or arousal, and a lack of intensity or inability to experience orgasm,” he said. “Hormonal therapies are often ineffective and have undesired side effects. And most women cannot afford psychotherapy or avoid it due to its persisting stigma.”

Scheinfeld said that the lack of knowledge about sexual health products also has affected teenagers that engage in multiple, high-risk sexual behavior.

“An early appreciation of the benefits and easy access to women's sexual health products could help our teenagers avoid behavior that could seriously compromise their futures,” he said.

Scheinfeld’s story about his path to becoming the first OB/GYN in the U.S. to offer sex toys out of his practice is outlined in an article in Details magazine, which can be read here.

He said that in late 2009, Scheinfeld decided on LELO as the appropriate provider of sensual aid products to offer patients after seeing the company’s products in Men’s Health magazine

The impressive functionality and aesthetic design of LELO products, plus the fact that LELO is a Swedish company, encouraged Scheinfeld to choose LELO as his flagship sensual products brand.

“There is a palpable sense of patient relief and satisfaction in finding these desired products where they can be discreetly examined and purchased without embarrassment or fear,” Scheinfeld said. “Patients have expressed heartfelt thanks for the positive way our service has impacted their lives."

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