Raging Stallion Expands Options for Viewers

Lyla Katz

SAN FRANCISCO — Top gay movie studio Raging Stallion is offering viewers three versions of its film “Focus/ReFocus.”

The studio, which is owned by AEBN, says it will release a mainstream-friendly version of the film along with a Real Touch version that gives men the virtual sensation of what they’re seeing on the screen.

The original hard-core version came out last year. The new mainstream NC-17 version stars Cole Streets and former mainstream soap opera actor and model David Taylor.

“We are offering customers a multi-level approach to a great film noir thriller that will let them enter at their comfort level, and go far beyond simply watching an adult film,” says Suzann Knudsen, AEBN director of communications, publicity and social media.

“Along with the mainstream version of the film the full X-rated version is also available, both on DVD and through video-on-demand, so customers can choose to watch it with or without hardcore scenes," Knudsen said. "We’re also very happy to announce that, unlike most films, many of the scenes are available through our Real Touch system, which means customers can actually feel what they see in the film."

"Focus/ReFocus" was nominated last month for 12 Grabby Awards including best picture, best director and best actor.

Raging Stallion says the film follows porn-obsessed Joe Wilder (Streets) on a sexual adventure as he gives in to his exhibitionist and voyeuristic desires.

"We are really excited to be entering the indie film market," says Chris Ward, actor and manager of Raging Stallion. "We have a great production team and we all came to this business to make movies and this is our first real chance to go mainstream. All of us are hopeful that this will be the first of several crossover projects."

The DVD releases of "Focus/ReFocus" also contain a "Making Of" feature that explores the award-winning work that went on off-camera, as well as behind the scenes footage.