Scottish Government May Ban Bluebird Film

Bob Johnson

VENICE, Calif. — The Scottish Parliament may be asked to take a vote banning the sale of Bluebird's "May Days" film in Scotland.

The company said that the movie is bothersome to the Scots not because it is porn, but rather because they feel it is trivializing the abundance of Scottish cultural items portrayed in the film.

The movie stars naturally busty Scottish talent Alexis May and "...features lots of fun tartan-filled scenes about kilts, golf, 'Braveheart,' haggis, oil rigs and Scots country music."

The troubled Scots, according to Bluebird, said "What concerns us is that important Scottish cultural items are being trivialized and mocked, in a way which may be offensive to patriotic Scots. We believe its sale should be banned in Scotland."

May said, "Well I'm Scottish and I loved making the movie. I think these people have just reacted without actually seeing it. We had some beautiful Czech girls in the film who didn't really know anything about Scotland. But from making the movie, they all said they now realized how sexy Scottish culture is, especially the bit where guys don't wear anything under their kilts."

Director Paul Chaplin added, "It's a shame because we really went to a lot of trouble to get the Scottish elements right. We even used Alexis' actual Clan tartan in her outfits."

The film also stars Caroline De Lys, Carly Parker, Charlee Chase, Leah Jay, Victoria Paris, Katie Weale, Kaia Kane and Donna Bell.

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