Dana DeArmond Video Surpasses Quarter of a Million Views

Lyla Katz

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.— Just days after going live, adult entertainment actress Dana DeArmond’s YouTube video has already surpassed a quarter of a million views.

More than 324,000 viewers have watched the brunette beauty in the exclusive interview with up-coming comedian Kassem G.

DeArmond is known predominately as an intense adult performer who has starred in dozens of hit movies. She was also nominated for XBIZ’s Performer of the Year Award.

In addition to her hardcore side, DeArmond’s comedic side has also emerged. She’s already been seen on G4, poking fun at the GoDaddy Superbowl commercials.

But DeArmond plans to stay loyal to adult entertainment. She has already informed several porn production companies that she is available for any Sandra Bullock parody role.

“‘This Ain’t Miss Congeniality 2’, I’m there!” DeArmond said. “If it’s a parody on the “Speed” franchise or parodying the current tabloid fodder, I’m your Sandra Bullock girl. And I do Performer of the Year nominee worthy anal. It’s win-win.”

Fans of DeArmond can chat her up as she goes on Playboy Radio’s Nightcalls Apr. 8 at 6 p.m.

More info on Playboy Radio can be found at PlayboyRadio.com.