MILF/Pro Am Star Maddy G Lands Role in Mainstream Film

Bob Johnson

ERIE, Pa. — MILF star and producer Maddy G (aka Marie Madison) of Maddy G Productions has landed a role as a vampire vixen in an independent mainstream film called “Chasing Darkness.”

The film is being released by Midnight Releasing, a subsidiary of Brain Damage Films and is directed by Jason Hull.

The plot involves a retiring mafia hit man who battles a rival gang who have turned his girlfriend into a vampire.

“I love making adult films, but my real love is indie films,” said Madison.

“When they offered me the role, I jumped at it. Playing a vampire vixen who kills actress Katie Russell and being made up in full body make-up was amazing. I’m excited about the signing, but sad that we will not be at Adultcon. I couldn’t pass up a chance to represent with my cast members.”

The movie is available on DVD, as well as a VOD download for the months of April, May and June through most major cable providers.

Other members of the cast include Tom Humes, Larry Liggett, Katie Russell and Renee Porada.

To celebrate, cast members and Madison will be making an appearance to promote the movie and mingle with fans at the Family Video in Meadville, Pa. on, April 10 from 5-7 p.m.

DVDs can be purchased online through retailers like Amazon.