Paradise Marketing Announces Astroglide $100 Golden Ticket Program

Ariana Rodriguez
VISTA, Calif. — Paradise Marketing has unveiled the Astroglide Golden Ticket Program, in which random packages will contain a golden ticket that earns the consumer an American Express debit card for $100.

Retailers that participate in the program will get signage to alert their customers of the promo. Multiple golden tickets will be spread among shipments from through July 1 for multiple winners across the country.

"First, and most importantly, the Golden Ticket giveaway is a way to thank our customers, who choose Astroglide for their personal lubricant,” Paradise Marketing spokesperson Terry McGowan said. “Everybody can use an extra $100. And now lucky Astroglide users will get that chance with their every purchase. Secondly, the Golden Ticket Program gives our retailing partners a way to show their customers a potential reward for buying Astroglide products in their stores. We're excited about the program and we're proud of the support we've found from our retailers and distributors."

Paradise Marketing Services is offering the program only through participating purchasers and retailers in the U.S. The potential number of golden tickets that the retailer’s customers might receive will depend on how much Astroglide they sell.

The golden tickets are randomly placed in Astroglide products, including original Astroglide and glycerin and paraben-free formulas.

To place an order, call McGowan at (800) 993-3664.