BMS Factory Announces PowerBullet Co-branding Opportunities

Ariana Rodriguez
TORONTO — BMS Factory has made its PowerBullet technology engineering available for co-branding with manufacturers worldwide.

Established in 2004, BMS began as a bullet vibe manufacturer with its signature PowerBullet item and later launched a supporting line of products.

“That’s how people know us, but now things have changed,” BMS Enterprises founder Stephen Bannister said. “We are not just a bullet company anymore.”

He added that the company has been incorporating PowerBullet technology into new products.

“It’s simply PowerBullet technology,” Bannister said. “We have a great engineering team at the factory in China that utilizes this science in everything we create. Now we are making many products with this technology inside and the results have been extremely positive. We call it ‘Powered by PowerBullet.’”

According to the company, it will offer its technology for free as long as the products are manufactured by BMS to meet its standards. A “Powered by PowerBullet” logo also will be affixed to the co-branded products’ packaging.

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