Tiger Mistress on Howard Stern: Take Lessons From Axel Braun

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — Tiger Woods mistress Josyln James told Howard Stern that she suggested the superstar golfer check director Axel Braun’s site for tips on making a girl squirt after his unsuccessful attempts with the porn star.

According to Braun, James told Stern that during a heated bedroom session she told Woods to go to Braun’s site AxelBraun for free step-by-step instructions.

“Axel Braun is a master at making girls squirt,” James told Howard Stern yesterday, “So I told Tiger to go on his site and get some tips…the next time we had sex he had done his homework, and make me squirt like a fountain!,” Braun reported.

“Educating people on female ejaculation had been a personal crusade of mine since I was very young," Braun told XBIZ. He said he had his hands insured by Lloyds of London for $2 million each. “The fact that I was able to capitalize on something I was so passionate about is obviously very gratifying.”

Braun was crowned Director of the Year, Body of Work at the XBIZ Awards show in Hollywood in February and recently wrapped the Vivid feature “Batman XXX: A Porn Parody.” The director made a name for himself a decade ago as the “King of Squirt,” starting a trend that spun the production of several squirting titles. His best-selling series “Squirting 101” is widely regarded as the genre’s bible, according to the director.

As far as the Tiger Woods connection goes, Braun seems genuinely happy to have been able to help the golfer improve his skills, yet when asked if Woods ever contacted him for a private lesson, he wouldn't comment.

“Years ago I did a round of seminars on female ejaculation and taught hundreds of people, including several celebrities,” he said. “But I am a strong believer in the right to privacy, especially for what pertains to sexual matters. Let’s just leave it at that."