ARS Expands Product Line

Cory Kincaid
LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- Advertising Revenue Service (ARS) went live this week with a flurry of product announcements, a high yield advertiser referral program, and deals with Anonymizer, Inc. and NextWeb Media.

In an effort to increase mainstream and adult advertiser sign-ups, ARS launched a new incentive program, effective immediately, that will pay webmasters $350 on each advertiser referral they bring to the table.

According to Jake Luden, marketing and advertising specialist for ARS, the referral fee is an all-time high for ARS, which typically awards only $100 for webmaster referrals.

"This new program is for people bringing in advertisers that want to be plugged into the ARS network," Luden told XBiz. "In effect, it's an effort to bring more mainstream advertisers with an online presence into our program, and there is no cap on the number of advertisers a webmaster can refer."

Additionally, ARS wrapped up a deal with San Diego-based Anonymizer, Inc., a developer of privacy protection software for web surfers including its best-selling downloadable software package Total Net Shield, which provides pop-up blocking and cookie-erasing features. Webmasters can earn $38.00 and 20 ARS reward points per sale, according to ARS.

Similar to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), Total Net Shield creates an encrypted virtual tunnel from a user's computer to the web and protects against online spying and snooping. The program doesn't slow down the network connection, according to ARS, and it keeps Internet addresses unlisted and prevents spam and viruses.

In a triple coup, ARS penned a program advertiser deal this week with NextWeb Media, a mail-order supplier of health supplements like Maxicor, a sexual energy enhancer for men.

According to ARS, webmasters can earn payouts of up to $15 per sale on the sexual supplement by enticing surfers with a free sample of the product and yearlong subscription to their magazine of choice.

In a final addition to the ARS network of pay-per-performance products is Adult Stars Magazine's 'Video On-Demand.' Webmasters that promote the on-demand adult video service earn revenue share of $1.60 for day rentals and $3 for a 14-day rental, according to ARS.

Adult Stars Magazine, a product of Adult Stars Magazine Publishing Group, is produced by Transcom Media, Inc. in partnership with StreamGreen, and provides encoded pay-per-view services and digital rights management.

The Adult Stars website features streaming adult videos from studios like Jill Kelly Productions, Red Light District, and Puritan Video.

"Adult Stars Magazine approached ARS," Matt Borgman, director of advertising services, told XBiz. "They chose us because they wanted a robust, technologically advanced network populated by the most promotionally effective publishers in the business. The benefit to our publishers is they now have the opportunity to market a top-shelf video-streaming membership that will deliver an adult entertainment experience that is second to none."