Scarlet Girl Offers Certified Sex Toy Recycling Program

PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland-based adult toy retailer Scarlet Girl launched a certified recycling program for unwanted sex toys one year ago and has now become a Certified Green Business.

"We realized that as a product retailer it was our responsibility to offer a proper disposal solution, too," said Vicki Kriner, a founding member of Scarlet Girl. "Our recycling program was designed under the guidance of an environmental engineer, and achieving a Green Certification was a natural extension of a commitment to reduce our impact on the environment.

"To encourage clients to recycle with us, we offer a $10 credit at our online store when they do. We work directly with toy wholesalers and manufacturers as well, and have approached by a few toy companies to handle their recycling needs."

In addition to its recycling program, Scarlet Girl is now a Certified Green Business. To become Green Certified, a business agrees to adopt a voluntary set of guidelines designed to increase efficiency, and reduce waste and energy use in day-to-day business practices. These guidelines range from shutting down computers at the end of the day, to recycling used office supplies, to putting office lights on timers.