Jake Cruise Media Names 1st Talent/Production Exec

Bob Johnson

SUN VALLEY, Calif. — Jake Cruise Media announced the appointment of John Tegan as its first director of talent and production.

In making the announcement, Jake Cruise, president of Jake Cruise Media, said, “I couldn't be happier with John on our team. His experience and creativity are already making an impact as we grow our company through these difficult times."

"His years of experience in producing both web site videos and retail DVDs will be take our company to a higher level. Fans of our three lines of gay oriented adult entertainment will soon see the difference.”

Tegan, who was recently nominated for a 2010 Grabby Award for his screenplay for Jet Set Men’s "Big Dick Society II: Dicktimized," said, “I am thrilled to be joining the highly talented team at Jake Cruise. I am especially pleased to be working with Jake himself, a true adult website pioneer.”

Jasun Mark, vice president of marketing at Jake Cruise said, “We couldn't be more excited to have John as part of the team here at Jake Cruise Media. His knowledge of the industry and his relationships with models can only be an asset for our family and his sense of humor fits right in with the vibe both at the studio and in our productions.”

According to the company, Tegan was most recently director of marketing for Jet Set Productions, Inc. In addition to his marketing duties at Jet Set, Tegan also directed "Muscle Mountain" and co-directed "CarJackers,' as well as most of the company’s recent web videos.

Tegan also served as producer on every Jet Set film and wrote most of the studio’s screenplays, from 2007’s "Hung Country for Young Men" through 2010’s "Getting Levi’s Johnson," as well as the upcoming "Jersey Score."

As a talent manager, Tegan worked with a number of adult stars, including Tyler Saint, whom he discovered and helped launch his career.