Flava Works Signs New Exclusive Models

Bob Johnson

MIAMI — Gay producer Flava Works announced today that it has signed Baby Star and Flamez to exclusive deals. The new additions join models Cody Kyler, DeAngelo Jackson and Tyson.

“I’m excited to be part of the Flava Works family. My image is important to me and I believe Flava takes pride in its exclusive models.” said Baby Star.

Flamez, FlavaMen Magazine’s Summer 2009 featured model said, “I’ve been around in this porn game for a while and worked with Flava in the past. My decision to be exclusive is based on the respect Flava gives us and the momentum they can bring to our careers. If you’re a big name, chances are you’re with Flava Works right now or you got your start here.”

One of the perks to being exclusive with Flava Works is health insurance, something very unusual in the world of adult entertainment, the company said.

“It is important for our content to stay fresh and exciting, while still maintaining exclusivity with our most successful and sexy models. That’s how we keep our fans and members happy!,” said Phillip Bleicher, CEO of FlavaWorks, Inc.

Baby Star and Flamez are scheduled for international appearances starting this spring. The company said they’ll be at Philadelphia’s Black Gay Pride, April 22-25. Afterwards they will make their first international appearance at HustlaBall U.K., May 1-3. These events will be followed by a series of nationwide appearances this spring and summer.

The stars will also be featured in several new projects to be released over the course of this and next year.