Baseball Mistress Threatens Vivid Over Sex Tape

Bob Johnson

HOLLYWOOD, Calif — Gossip site TMZ reported today that VH1 reality star and baseball mistress Mindy McCready has threatened Vivid Entertainment with serious legal action if the company doesn’t destroy a tape showing her in explicit sexual action.

TMZ reported that it has obtained a cease and desist letter in which McReady’s lawyer claims the tape was "never intended for sale or public distribution."

The lawyer said Vivid does not have the right to distribute the tape — which Mcready claims was stolen from her home three years ago — and they want Vivid to "destroy" any copies they have of the tape ASAP.

Vivid co-Founder/Chairman Steven Hirsch said in a statement, "We acquired the McCready video awhile ago and feel comfortable with our legal position to distribute it. You really have to see it to believe it.”

"If Mindy wants to discuss the video, she should feel free to contact me. ‘Baseball Mistress' will be in stores on Monday, April 19," Hirsch continued.

The full title, “Mindy McReady, Baseball Mistress” is described in a Vivid press release: “McCready takes it off and gets it on with a boyfriend named 'Peter' in the tape that contains almost an hour of action interspersed with a narrative about her former lovers, who included Red Sox and Yankees pitching great Roger Clemens, actor Dean (Superman/Clark Kent) Cain, country singer Alan Jackson and others.

The release goes on, “Between scenes of her having enthusiastic and explicit sex with her ex-boyfriend McCready, who is now 34, talks at length about her past sexual conquests."

“She said that she took a shower with Clemens when she was only 16 and he was 29. She maintains that contrary to widespread gossip Clemens did not seduce her when she was an underage (15 year old) teen and they didn't have sexual intercourse until she was of legal age. She also reveals that Clemens was 'good' in bed "when he could get it up."

“McCready also says that while she never met Clemens' wife during the course of their long-running affair, there were some close calls, including the time Mrs. Clemens called her husband on his cell phone as he was lounging next McCready in a bathtub.”

Vivid's release also stated that McCready's long-term romance with Clemens was exposed in the New York Daily News in April 2008. "According to the Daily News, McCready discussed her relationship with Clemens during therapy sessions with Dr. Drew Pinsky. She told the Daily News, "He certainly did ask my Dad for my hand and he wasn't divorced yet. That's abusive. He made me believe that someday we would be together. That was absolutely devastating to me."

"Clemens has denied that his relationship with McCready was a sexual one, claiming she was a friend of the family. 'I never met his family,' she claims on the video," Vivid said.

According to Vivid, McReady also befriended John F. Kennedy Jr., and thought she "could have had sex with him," but declined the opportunity.

The McReady tape also includes a second sex video, "Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal," an explicit sex tape featuring the troubled actor, who is McCready's co-star on the Celebrity Rehab program. The Sizemore video was first released by Vivid in 2005.