Wet Flavored Lube Featured on ‘The Real World’

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — In a scene from MTV’s “The Real World: Washington, D.C.,” housemate Andrew declares he could live off Wet Kiwi Strawberry flavored lube and suggests a new use for the product — salad dressing.

Now archived at RealWorldDailies.com, the clip is titled “Living on Lube,” and can be viewed here.

It features Andrew in the kitchen performing a taste test by dripping the Wet product directly into his mouth in front of his roommates. He then suggests that housemate Callie use it in her salad as dressing.

Jennifer Martsolf, Wet’s vice president of marketing, told XBIZ there was no established deal to feature the product on the popular reality show.

“Wet did not supply them with the product. It was their pick,” Martsolf said. “We aren’t sure how our product got directly into the cast hands.”

She added that to her knowledge, the appearance on MTV is a first for Wet.

“The product is sweet and very tasty,” a Wet spokesperson told XBIZ. “Each of Wet’s water-based formulas is clear, colorless, stain-free and sugar- free.”

However, the spokesperson added that while harmless if ingested, the company does not recommend its lube be consumed like a food product.

Wet Kiwi Strawberry is available in 1.5 oz and 3.5 oz sizes.