Adult Industry Documentary to Street in May

Bob Johnson

CULVER CITY, Calif. — A new documentary film that’s been described by one reviewer as “A realistic, sensitive portrayal of the porn industry,” will hit the streets in May.

The movie, “9 To 5: Days in Porn” features adult industry luminaries including Sasha Grey, Belladonna, John Stagliano, Jim Powers, Roxy Deville, Sharon Mitchell and more is described as a portrait about people who work in adult entertainment, “a business bigger than the music industry.”

According to the film’s director, Jens Hoffman, the idea came when he and his crew sought to uncover the truth about the people in porn who actually make the movies.

“There have been a number of movies and TV series about the topic but we felt that there was never an attempt to understand the human aspect. Many covered the technical, ‘making of’ stuff without ever getting to know the people – those who work to make this industry more profitable than the music industry,” Hoffman said.

Filmed over a period of more than a year, locations included Prague, Berlin and the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Ten different stories unfold, delivering insight into the personal lives of porn folk, their hopes and their dreams.

Hoffman said that he discovered the world of pornography is a small, sometimes family-like parallel society that has established its own values and rules.

“The actual protagonists of this industry live in a world in which they build a second identity, often by using a stage name. When you take a closer look, the self-image of the industry does not correspond to the clichés, which are so often promoted by its representatives in their public appearances. The real world of porn is not as glamorous as magazines and TV shows want to make us believe. It is a small world of its own, burdened with big problems and prejudices and is also extremely sensitive. It is not obvious because dealing with the subject is still a venture – one that takes some courage and puts one at risk of becoming ostracized.”

But Hoffman also said that there would be no American independent movie scene without porn and revealed that most Hollywood camera, lights and sound people work in porn to augment their incomes and hide behind their actions by saying they work on “cool indie projects.”

“Yes, porn helps our culture. And porn is fashionable — recognized by T-shirts boasting a porn star, or the rebirth of the golden-framed Wayfarer, or just general trends. And 'Boogie Nights' – that definitely started something!,” Hoffman noted.

Besides the 95-minute feature the movie contains deleted scenes, director’s cut scenes, outtakes, trailers and a question and answer segment.

It is being released by Strand Releasing Home Entertainment and available May 4. It is unrated and contains adult subject matter.

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