Private Media Group Relaunches 'Mansize' Gay Brand

Bob Johnson

BARCELONA, Spain — Private Media Group Inc. announced today the relaunch of its “Mansize," gay brand.

The move kicks off with the April release of “Men in Suits: Fucked by the Boss.”

The film is directed by Roland Dane and stars 13 eastern European stars including Max Summers and the twins Fabrizo & Fernando Mangiatti.

The company said that since Mansize’s initial launch in 2003, its gay line has built up a catalog of 36 movies (including the Private Man & Private Manstars lines). Its goal is to work up to releasing one Mansize title per month.

The relaunch of Mansize is a targeted move to regain prominence in the gay market, initiated by the 2009 acquisition of gay adult VOD provider Sureflix, the operating company of Maleflixxx.

Private said Sureflix will be spearheading the strategic planning of all of the Private and GameLink gay properties, including productions of gay releases, GameLink’s gay store, and the marketing of Mansize. In addition, Sureflix will continue to build upon the success of their Maleflixxx brand.

Eric Johnson, CEO of Sureflix, said, “As a digital distributor, our in-depth knowledge of the gay market enables us to accurately pinpoint the needs and trends of the gay adult consumer. This understanding of evolving consumer behavior will be beneficial in guiding the production and marketing of Mansize’s premium content.”

Giles Hirst, Marketing Director for Private added, “Private is committed to building on the previous success of our gay line, and now with the relaunch of the Mansize brand, coupled with Sureflix’s industry knowledge and Private’s unsurpassed distribution channels, we expect our gay properties to make significant revenues for the Private Media Group.”

“Men in Suits: Fucked by the Boss” will be released in April.

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