Pacific Sun Launches Social Networking Efforts, Mobile Blog

Ariana Rodriguez
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pacific Sun Entertainment is increasing its customer reach through social networking sites and mobile blog.

The company said it acknowledges the popularity of social networking sites as methods for building and maintaining both personal and business contacts.

“Perhaps people rather prefer micro-blogging,” said Orpheus, Pacific Sun’s official blogger. “In that case, we’ve got that too — tweet us or Facebook us and we’ll get the content to you. We’re here to get you guys off!”

Pacific Sun’s blog targets consumers with photo galleries and links to trailers from its latest releases, as well as DVD reviews and company news. The content on the blog is available on the company’s mobile site.

The company also said it is developing apps for the new Google-based operating phones.

“It’s a market that’s dying for content and we’re going to give it to them,” Pacific Sun CEO Pritam Sinha said. “We are making great strides to give more to customers and to other porn businesses. We’ll be offering feeds soon as well as mobile content that will be available on our sites and in the sites that we license out to as well.”

With the motto “Bodies, Bears, Boys and more! Everything for your gay porn needs,” Pacific Sun said its goal is to make its content as far-reaching as possible.

“Everything humanly possible is being done to take this name to places it hasn’t gone before and then some,” Sinha said. “And we are making that a reality.”