FSC Responds to Cal/OSHA's Vote

Lyla Katz

COSTA MESA, Calif. — The FSC released a statement Thursday in response to CalOSHA’s unanimous vote to approve an advisory committee to consider regulating the adult industry.

A group of adult industry representatives and stakeholders attended the meeting including Free Speech Coalition (FSC) executive director Diane Duke; Adult Industry Medical Healthcare (AIM) spokesperson and neurologist Dr. H.A. Aranow; First Amendment attorney Paul Cambria; FSC California lobbyist Ignacio Hernandez; and performer Angelina Armani.

“I’m glad that they’re convening a committee,” Cambria said. “I hope that they choose someone responsible from the adult community to participate and I’m hopeful that, eventually, some workable regulations will be put in place.”

Industry members present at the meeting were allowed to speak to and answer questions from CalOSHA board members.

In commentary leading up to the approval of the advisory committee, several CalOSHA board members recommended that adult industry stakeholders be allowed the opportunity to sit on the committee.

“There are two good things that happened today,” Duke said after the meeting. “One, the voice of the adult entertainment industry was heard and we were able to tell the truth about the industry.”

“Two,” she added, “a process has begun that can finally address blood borne pathogen standards in an industry appropriate way.”

Adult content producer David Pounder also was in attendance, as an advocate of mandatory condoms for adult productions. During his commentary to the board, Pounder admitted that he does not always utilize condoms in his own productions.

Duke anticipates that the eventual amendment of compliance regulations will take more than two years.