Launches Newly Revamped Site

Lyla Katz

NEW YORK — Gay producer launches its redesigned and rebranded new membership site, with a completely new look and feel.

Many changes have taken place on the site from the functionality and layout, to the branding.

Several site features have also been added and changed, offering more content than ever before in 3D or 2D.

“We feel the site itself is overall much more sexy, from the functionality to the content itself, everything is just better than before,” Ford said. “I feel confident that our existing members will love it that much more and that potential new members now have even more reason to join the site. We are still the only gay sex site offering both 2D and 3D scenes in full HD 1080p quality.”

Dominic Ford’s 3D film “Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Balls” has received 12 Grabby Award nominations.

The nominations include best movie, best director (Dominic Ford), actor (Luke Marcum), comedy, cum scene, screenplay, three way, and others.

Whorrey Potter’s 12 nominations make it the second most nominated film of the year.

In addition to releasing DVDs in 2D and 3D, DominicFord is known for producing films in full HD 1920x1080, the highest resolution currently available.