Vida Internationale Sponsoring SxSW Backstage Artist Lounge

LOS ANGELES — Vida Internationale, the creators of the new line of luxury pleasure objects, is sponsoring the Backstage Artist Lounge (BAL) for its 2010 tour and is sponsoring several Real TVFilms interviews during SxSW, happening March 17–21.

"The fusion of bands and brands is what makes the Backstage Artist Lounge unique. The company's vivacious spirit and inventive approach is the perfect fit for Vida Internationale," said Vanessa Pellegrini, Vida Internationale sales director. "We're freaking stoked!"

As a sponsor, Vida Internationale's Essence of Pleasure line will be featured in BAL events, giving band members the opportunity to discover the collection, which consists of four pleasure objects. They each have five speeds of vibration and come in a faux leather vanity tote that includes a rechargeable power supply.

"What goes great with rock and roll? Sex toys of course!" said Christina Martin, CEO of Backstage Artist Lounge. "Having Vida as the newest member of the BAL program is going to be so much fun. We know bands are going to love these products because Vida rocks."

Vida Internationale introduced its mascot, Agent Vida, as the product line hit the market in mid-January. The spy-themed campaign follows her as she searches for The Essence of Pleasure.

"Vida Internationale has the Internet buzzing with the exploits of the notorious Agent Vida,” Pellegrini said. “Since inception, Agent Vida has been seen seducing celebrities and infiltrating the most alluring locations in her quest to fulfill her mission.”

The viral campaign is developing a following on social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

"We can't wait to see who Agent Vida will interrogate in the Backstage Artist Lounge," said Gerardo Ramos, Vida Internationale's product developer. "The story of Agent Vida is becoming more and more intense as it unwinds. I have a feeling she will stop at nothing to find The Essence of Pleasure. Teaming up with the Backstage Artist Lounge at these events creates the perfect platform for the story to play out."