Baci Lingerie Releases Faux Eyelash Sub-collection

Ariana Rodriguez
MIAMI — Baci Lingerie, the latest brand of high-end sexy lingerie set to launch next month at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas, has announced that it also will premiere a sub-collection of reusable eyelashes.

The eyelash sub-collection will feature 250 styles of high quality reusable eyelashes that are easy to use The eyelashes are made with hair-like fibers in exotic colors.

In following Baci Lingerie's high-fashion marketing style, each of the 250 styles of eyelashes was photographed so that each style had their own setting with pictures from a variety of angels and in video format to provide an intimate and personal touch to be shared with the customers.

Each style will have its own video clip detailing the correct procedure of how to apply the eyelashes.

"Forget all you know about eyelash extensions," said Emilio Brevetti, chief designer of the production team. "These are not your standard eyelash extensions. Advanced designs such as feathering, layering and facial lighting have been developed to emphasize eye color and enhance facial features. No company in the world has this many styles along with a photo production of each style."

The videos and photos are slated for future print and online use. Baci Lingerie will present their upcoming sub-collection in a hardcover catalog in the same unique design as the first lingerie collection.

Baci Lingerie's creators will introduce a sub-collection each year that will coincide with the release of future collections.