Johnny V Introduces Truth in Traffic

Stephen Yagielowicz
NEW YORK — John "Johnny V" Van Arnam, President of I-Bridge International, an Internet commerce consulting firm, has announced the launch of Click Truth, a hosted behavioral-targeting platform.

Created to profile user-behavior set across a sponsor program's entire network of websites and affiliates, Click Truth runs user-profile and advertising events through its advanced decision engine for serving intelligent advertisements and user-centric content, by tracking the entire history of any surfer on any network.

"Click Truth gathers data at a granular level, and then our decision engine makes the best use of that data based on parameters that the sponsor program specifies," Van Arnam told XBIZ. "Click Truth does more than simply make the traffic that enters the sponsor's network stickier: we can keep surfers on the join form, we can follow them through each clip they watch, we can offer them products based on things we know that they have searched for. Data is power, and this provides the sponsor program the opportunity to use that data and make decisions based on patterns it sees for the network as a whole — and for each individual surfer. It's a very valuable tool."

The platform — which was developed by a NYC-based software development group — took 4 years to perfect and currently operates successfully on the largest network in the world. Van Arnam has had changes made to the software to adopt it to the adult vertical and has signed an exclusive franchise license agreement for adult, billing, search engines, and entertainment.

Although it has elements of existing products within the adult space and in mainstream, it is unlike anything else out there.

"To be specific," Click Truth CTO Patrick T. said, "Click Truth is a distributed behavioral-targeting platform with advanced user-event flagging for delivering your advertisements, promotions, and content to visitors across your network and your affiliate networks. Click Truth's decision engine returns the best possible outcomes to your visitors by using numerous machine-learning algorithms to cluster user profiles into meaningful personality segments."

"Unlike traditional recommendation engines," Patrick T. added, "Click Truth takes a bottom-up approach by identifying commonality across network-wide visitor traits, rather than focusing top-down through ad-hoc product relationships; an approach which falls short in revealing the many unique dimensions of a visitor's entire, and ongoing, session."

"I am very excited about this product and I believe that most folks will be as well," Van Arnam offered. "While I'm sure each group will want to make specific changes, the beauty of this platform is that it is malleable and can be easily modified for any group. However, if a program would rather not make any changes, the decision engine will begin compiling data and making decisions organically upon implementation."

Implementation is painless, requiring nothing more than the addition of a small snippet of JavaScript for each desired page across the network.

"Click Truth is very simple to implement," Van Arnam said. "It has to be. No one has time right now for tech-intensive projects requiring hours of integration and testing."

The strength of the software platform is contained within the decision engine itself and the time it has had to improve its intelligence from historical user activity.

"There are also some cool ancillary benefits to Click Truth," says Van Arnam. "Because you are also able to place the JavaScript code in any banner or ad placed anywhere online, you can collect the data from traffic that your affiliates send you and grow the pool of data you have exponentially, based on the size of your network."

"That way," he added, "you can also see who sends the best traffic, or if your traffic source is worth what you are paying, as you follow each member through their entire history on your network. You can also gather data on your surfers before they reach your website, which is invaluable in providing the most relevant content to the surfer and also increasing the amount of people who join your site".

Click Truth is witnessing programs apply the user-based profiles to determine when an end-user may cancel his subscription as well. This is incredibly valuable, as clients can send users a targeted offer for a site on their network that they have already shown interest in; but you know they have never visited, because you have their surfing history, preferences, and profile, right at your fingertips. Instead of waiting for them to cancel and then trying to get them back, Click Truth can alert you as a user initiates a cancel pattern; which will then give you a chance to show them something that they have not seen yet, so that you retain them longer.

"It's proactive and it's smart," Van Arnam says. "The platform continues to grow more intelligent based on the amount of data it receives, and it tailors its decisions to your unique network."

"I have never owned a sponsor program," continued Van Arnam, "so I'm sure that there are benefits to this platform that have not occurred to me. Some people in the industry have already seen it, and I look forward to showing it to everyone shortly. I am mostly excited because it allows me to go on a new adventure in a new direction, while still maintaining my relationships with the search engines and with the sponsor programs I have worked with for years."

Currently under contract with L.F.P. Internet Group and implementing the platform with several other programs, Van Arnam believes this is the right time to make the Industry aware that a product like this exists, off the shelf, ready to go.

"Some companies are trying to create similar products for themselves because they understand its value," Van Arnam said. "The difficulty of course is the amount of time necessary to build and test a decision engine within a platform like this, and work out the bugs."

"Click Truth is built, tested, completely customizable and ready to go," he concluded. "Better yet, it is network agnostic, with user sessions tracked across limitless domains — which is a feature most platforms ignore."

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