New Studio Debuts With 'Roseanne' Parody

Bob Johnson
VAN NUYS, Calif. — Dream Zone Entertainment is jumping into the adult market with “Roseanne XXX,” a parody based on the ‘90’s sitcom.

The movie will have the same cast of characters as the TV show including Dan, Darlene, Becky, D.J., boyfriend David and sister Jackie and will star BBW performer Kelly Shibari as Roseanne.

"I'm thrilled to have been asked to play Roseanne. She's such an iconic figure and I know everyone in my generation loved the show. I hope I can do her and the character justice,” said Shibari.

Dream Zone said what will set this parody apart from the influx of XXX spoofs this year is that the movie revolves around a BBW performer.

"There aren't that many successful sitcoms in American television that featured a plus-sized gal as the lead character. For Dream Zone and the director to ask me to play the part of Roseanne is very, very cool…and I'm looking forward to meeting my on-set ‘family’ to see what trouble we can all get into!"

Veteran lensman Jim Enright will direct the HD movie that will be the first in a series of parodies to be released this year.

Production will take place Saturday, March 13, and Sunday, March 14.

The movie will be distributed exclusively by Vantage Distribution. Contact David Gross at (818) 305-6790.