The Hilton Video Leak

Cory Kincaid
SEATTLE, Wash. – It seems evident that the reach of powerful, over-paid lawyers representing excessively wealthy families and their naughty children can stop just about any scrap of bad publicity, even on the Internet.

After last week's skirmish between hotel heiress Paris Hilton, her fleet of lawyers, and certain Internet webmasters who had a corner on a homemade sex video involving young Paris and her ex-lover, the frenzy has quieted and many of the more braggadocios parties involved who had threatened to go public with the video have since backed down to protect themselves.

And no one is talking either. Smells like a lawyer, or a whole bunch of them.

Among the adult entertainment webmasters that have, or had, access to the video was Seattle-based Internet pornographer Roger Vadocz, who only a few days ago announced plans to sell the famous video tape for $29.95 on has largely devoted itself to all-things Paris Hilton.

However, just today a memo/email sent by Porn Kings representative Sean Clarke to's affiliate webmasters stated that the site would no longer be accepting traffic. The notice asked that the words 'Sex Brat' or any reference to 'Sex Brat' be removed from all affiliate websites.

"Failure to comply will resort in your account being terminated. If anything changes we will notify you immediately," the notice stated.

XBiz contacted Clarke, but he was unable to comment on the situation regarding Sex Brat and the Paris Hilton video.

Additionally, posted a message today on GFY stating that all Paris Hilton pictures and movies would be edited on its sites.

Representatives for did not specify why exactly they were shying away from material related to the young heiress, but the posting ended by stating: "We are protecting ourselves."

The video in question was shot three years ago and involved Paris' lover-of-the-moment Rick Solomon, a Shannon Doherty cast-off whom she later married on the rebound.

Hilton's lawyers are threatening legal action against anyone who distributes the tape or fails to destroy their copy of it. They are also trying to determine whether Rick Solomon was involved in releasing the tape.

Representatives for Hilton, who has been sequestered at an undisclosed location in Australia ever since the low-grade porn flick hit the market, claim that the triple-X tape was intended for the couple's private use only.

Reports from the small group of people who have actually seen the sex video contend that Hilton looks drugged and only semi-conscious during many of the sex acts. Her publicists are calling the release of the video over the Internet "in poor taste," but evidently her lawyers are thinking something more along the lines of defamation of character.

In recent years, Hilton has become known as a reckless, self-absorbed party-girl who is slated to inherit billions of dollars from the family chain of Hilton-owned hotels.

Hilton has established herself as a wannabe actress in several bit parts including a non-speaking role in "Wonderland," a recent release based on the life of porn star John Holmes, and a staring role in a reality television series titled "Simple Life" alongside Lionel Richie's daughter, in which the two jet-set girls take up a month-long residence on a farm.