Stockroom Now Offering Kinklab Adjustable Harness

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — Stockroom’s Adjustable Strap-on Dildo Harness from its Kinklab beginner bondage line is now available for distribution.

The harness features a low-rise design with genuine leather straps. It adjusts with D-rings rather than buckles.

“There’s a functional distinction between buckles and D-rings when it comes to strap-on harnesses,” said Ann-Marie Holman, Stockroom brand manager and product educator. “The more securely the harness can stay in place without twisting or pulling away from the body, the more confident the wearer feels, and the more directly the motion of her body translates to the motion of the dildo — which feels more exciting and more natural to the partner on the receiving end.”

Buckles, Holman said, also hold straps firmly so that they stay exactly as placed. But D-rings — through which the straps slide to make adjustments — allow the wearer to adjust the fit far more quickly than buckles can.

“Since the most secure fit and placement of the harness depends on the position of the wearer’s body, the D-rings let a woman easily readjust and rearrange her harness as she and her partner switch positions, without interrupting the action,” Holman said.

Another advantage of the D-ring model for retailers is the size range on the new harness — 33.5-50 inches — spans a slightly larger range of hip sizes than the Regular and Full Curves sizes of the current Kinklab harness with buckles taken together, the company said.

“The leather straps of the new model are doubled and stitched for strength, so you can be as energetic as you like,” Holman said. “Another advantage is that the rear straps leave cheeks bare so you can be fully available to your partner.”

The three O-rings of the harness are made of synthetic nitrile rubber that is safe for most people with allergies to natural latex. The O-ring sizes (1.5, 1.75 and 2 inches) are designed to fit strap-on compatible dildos from most manufacturers. The O-rings snap out with small tabs, making it easy to switch out different-size attachments.