Classic Erotica Introduces New Massage Candle Fragrances

Ariana Rodriguez
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Classic Erotica is now offering its Soy Massage Candles with Pheromones in three new fragrances.

Moroccan Night Jasmine features an earthly woods infused scent with a hint of night blossoming jasmine.

Vanilla Violet features a scent that’s described as sweet azure violet tickled with vanilla beam.

The third just added fragrance is Patchouli Ylang-Ylang, featuring an Asian spirited patchouli scent that’s enhanced by warm floral tones.

The ambient candles liquefy into moisturizing oil for warm body massages. They are made from natural soy infused with five moisturizing oils and vitamin E. Ingredients also include hemp seed oil and pheromones.

Classic Erotica’s Soy Massage Candles with Pheromones also are available in White Lavender, Green Tea Aloe and Pomegranate Ginger.

For more information, call (800) 497-7749.