Night Mobile Launches

Lyla Katz

LONDON — Night Mobile has announced the launch of Red Light District’s flagship mobile membership site,

For the first time, the company’s movie portfolio will be available globally on 3G phones.

“Red Light District represents one of the industry’s most stable and consistent content producers,” said J.C., vice president of business development for Night Mobile, “We are delighted to have the opportunity of partnering with Red Light District, their content looks great on mobile phones, just wait until you see it on the iPad.”

Red Light District is a leading producer of top quality adult entertainment and is known for its celebrity movies.

“Our customers have made it clear that they want access to our content from their mobile devices,” said Michael Santore, vice president of Internet operations for Red Light District. “Night Mobile has proven themselves as an expert in the mobile market and we are excited to have the opportunity to work with them."

Night Mobile has partnered with more than 150 adult brands, including major studios, content providers and others to offer cutting edge delivery of in demand content.