Vicky Vette Releases New Internet Video Series

CYBERSPACE — Adult MILF performer Vicky Vette has released the new Internet video series “From Twitter to Twat” with new blond performer Ember Reigns.

The series features adult performer hookups through Twitter.

"I am big into the major social networks and a couple of years ago did a popular series of videos called 'From Myspace to Vicky's Place' (where I hooked up with girls through Myspace),” Vette said. “With the birth and explosion of Twitter I decided to give it a try. Twitter may be a pornstar publicist’s worst nightmare but it is an incredible way to hook up with other pornstars. I met Ember Reigns by twittering her one day and invited her over to have sex on camera — and that is no joke!”

Reigns adds, “Vicky Vette and I really did hook up on Twitter. I am relatively new to the business and had a great time trying something new on camera. I hate to say that I am so easy that you can get me into bed by Twittering with me, but you never know... hit me up at @emberreigns! I had not shot girl/girl before and did not plan on doing it live, but I was having such a great time that I went with the flow. I think members are really going to enjoy the video and more of my hardcore adventures as they unfold."

The new series is exclusively available to members of, the Vette Nation Network of sites, and