Club Fetish Nation Sprays Hollywood With 'Art of Bleeding'

Lyla Katz

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Club Fetish Nation is gearing up to entertain, bewilder and bloody Hollywood’s darkest citizens by hosting “Art of Bleeding” in March.

Highly qualified and minimally dressed nurses will be on hand for traumatic educational demonstrations and strict medical screenings.

"We regret to inform our citizens that Abram the Safety Ape is currently in quarantine,” said Jay E. Moyes, assistant secretary to ministry of propaganda for Fetish Nation. “Abram cannot be released until after the March performance date. He is currently being supervised by our latex clad customs officials. Abram the Safety Ape appears to be in no distress and has requested to be quarantined for a few extra days 'just to be sure' he's ready for release."

“Art of Bleeding” is known for educating and repulsing the public across the western part of the country including Oakland, San Francisco, Silverlake and Las Vegas.

Fetish Nation rallies typically draw more than 1,000 people.

The club offers pulsating beats, lustful lightshows, flesh flogging and sizzling eye candy.

The event will be held at Circus nightclub March 6.

Circus nightclub is located at 6655 Santa Monica Blvd., in Hollywood, Calif.