X-Play Media Casts 'Not Charlie's Angels' Star Roles

Bob Johnson

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — X-Play Media’s highly anticipated TV spoof "Not Charlie’s Angels XXX" parody has cast its “angels.”

The X-Play & Adam & Eve Pictures co-release will star Bree Olson, Sunny Leone and Andy San Dimas. The three porn favorites have beat out over 130 girls and will become Jill, Kelly and Sabrina playing the parts made famous by Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson.

X-Play said scores of girls came in to Hollywood to read lines with producers Scott David and producer/director Jeff Mullen [Will Ryder] during a month long process showcasing the talent of porn actresses on full display.

Some girls that did not become angels will be rewarded with parts of villains and other supporting roles. Those roles will be announced soon.

“This was quite a process and it was wonderful seeing all of these beautiful girls come in to read dialogue. We had girls of all types and styles coming in and I applaud them for putting in the effort to be a part of this movie but unfortunately there are only three angels and we’re thrilled with our selections,” said Mullen.

“Adam & Eve Pictures and X-Play are completely committed to this production so it is a perfect piece of teamwork to continue our lineup of stellar television show parodies,” said Scott David X-Play co-producer who has co-produced some of porn’s biggest hits including "Not the Bradys XXX," "Not the Cosbys XXX," "Not Bewitched XXX" and "Flight Attendants."

“This is really going to be amazing,” said Adam & Eve Pictures contract superstar Bree Olson. “I’m honored to be an angel and I can’t wait to catch some bad guys and have some wild sex plus it’s been a couple of years since I worked with Will Ryder so that is going to be really special.”

Ryder was also excited about the addition of Sunny Leone and Andy San Dimas rounding out Charlie’s gorgeous angels.

“Everybody knows what a superstar Sunny Leone is and she is beautiful beyond words and Bree Olson is about as hot as they have ever come but I have to say that the final straw that makes this combination of angels so perfect is plucking out Andy San Dimas from a cold reading,” Ryder said.

“I had never met her before but she came in and just killed it. I mean this girl is super talented and quite beautiful and I know she’s excited to be in this movie. I think she will find out that this is no joke and unlike anything she’s ever done before.”

James Bartholet will play Bosley and was present during many of the auditions.

“X-Play is the best in the business period,” Bartholet said. “Nobody puts in the intense level of detail that these guys do and all you have to do is look at their awards for proof. I can’t wait until they start rolling cameras and we get to hear Will Ryder call action.”

The actor playing the role of Charlie will remain a mystery.

"Not Charlie’s Angels XXX" is set to begin production in March for 12 days.