CED and NightMobile Ink Deal to Offer Mobile

Bob Johnson

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Broadcast distributor CED and NightMobile have entered into an agreement to build and operate 4HOTtv.mobi, a multi-brand mobile offering.

CED said 4HOTtv will feature “the best of all CED's affiliate studios in one destination for mobile access.” 4HOTtv will also offer subscribers access to the NightMobile content database of over 9000 titles and the site will be optimized for 3G phones and available globally.

CED President Marc Bruder told XBIZ, "The only reason why CED is working with NightMobile rather than any other mobile oriented company is to direct the adult mobile subscriber to one destination...if we can do this, it will be the first time our producers’ product will have total accountability, direction and focus. With our extremely supportive program suppliers will receive a true share of the "gross" mobile revenue...this model of licensing is the most innovative structure CED has ever been involved with.”

New studios wishing to sign with CED will be on an invitation only basis. CED said only studios, brands, producers and program suppliers with content desirable to the adult mobile consumer are being assembled, to create one of the largest selections of adult entertainment offerings anywhere in the mobile world.

"This is truly a unique opportunity to bring some of the top studios under one brand", said JC, Vice President of Night Mobile. "We are very excited with the opportunity of working with Marc and his team at CED. The consolidation of so many quality studios under one label, providing so much choice, is a sure fire winner."

"The CED mission is to expand the "broadcast" reach for our honored adult program providers and producers worldwide. Cable and DTH pay-per-view, lodging and even the internet VOD avenues eventually all became fragmented and uncontrolled. Mobile exploitation for our adult content suppliers must be focused, regulated, accountable and free from rights abuse and piracy. CED was approached by many companies with the "mobile solution" for our producers, and our unanimous choice to work with was obvious...Night Mobile. We here at CED and our program providers look forward to a mutually long, supportive and lucrative relationship with JC and the outstanding NightMobile team, “ CED added.

For more information visit 4CED.com or contact bruder@brivideo.com