The Screaming O Promotes Safe Sex at University of Georgia’s ‘Kappa Sutra’ Event

Ariana Rodriguez
ATHENS, Ga. — The Screaming O is teaming with Sexy Suz Adult Emporium owner Charles Craton to educate undergrads about the power of safe sex at the University of Georgia during the Kappa Sutra sexual awareness and responsibility program.

Craton and The Scream Team will provide students with Screaming O condom packs, showing them how using safe-sex products like the original Screaming O vibrating ring and condom pack can be fun and sexy.

“Safe-sex awareness often falls on deaf ears, and we at The Screaming O are on hand to shout it from the rooftops — and let everyone else scream it from the bedroom,” The Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano said. “Giving out the Screaming O condom packs brings attention to the issue at hand, and makes the thought of using condoms exciting again, something people will remember to do every time. The Kappa Sutra event is a great concept, encouraging attendees not only to practice safe sex, but great safe sex.”

University Sexual Health coordinator Katy Janousek also will be on hand to share her knowledge of sexual health issues, including healthy decision-making, pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection prevention.

Kappa Sutra takes place today from 7-9 p.m. in SLC Room 214 at the University of Georgia.

The Scream Team speaks in association with the Association for Safe Fun Sex (ASFX), an association established to provide expert information on sexually transmitted infection and unplanned pregnancy prevention in a fun, fresh fashion.