Kamadara Introduces New Line of Love Cushions

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Kamadara has entered the sex cushion market with three new models.

“In every adult product and market niche except one, consumers have a wide variety of choices,” Kamadara spokesperson Robert Mendoza said. “The sex cushion category has suffered from a lack of competition among manufacturers and that has resulted in high prices and an absence of retailer support — until now. Kamadara addresses those concerns by offering fresh designs, low prices and a policy of not competing with our wholesale customers.”

Kamadara’s initial designs include the Lovetriangle, the Lovediamond and the Kahuna. The cushions feature vibrator holders and detachable handles that allow retailers to upsell cuffs or bondage accessories and opens the door for collaboration with other manufacturers.

“Kamadara is committed to helping retailers succeed with these new products,” Mendoza said. “We looked at what the market wanted and delivered it for 20 percent to 30 percent lower cost than anything currently available. We will continue to add new products and maintain a focus on training our partners’ sales staffs as well as marketing support at the wholesale level.”

The company said its name, Kamadara, is a portmanteau of two Sanskrit words from the kama sutra; "kama" meaning passionate desire or lust and "aadhaara" meaning base, foundation or platform. Kamadara love cushions enhance intimacy and sensuality by providing unique lovescapes as foundations of passion and experimentation for couples.

For additional information, call (800) 797-2120, or email sales@kamadara.com.