Despite Threat, Buck Angel Speaks at Yale

Lyla Katz

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Transsexual performer Buck Angel’s speech at Yale University went off without a hitch, despite an anonymous threat.

According to, the porn star received the threat on Facebook weeks before his scheduled appearance at Master’s Tea, which is part of Yale University’s sex week.

On his Facebook account, Angel posted a copy of the threat which in part said, “are you producing sperm yet? and you don’t have to take male hormones? so then you’re not really a man, but a messed up fake, we’ll be waiting for you at Yale, we would like to tell you to your ugly messed up face, just what we think.”

Yale authorities set up 24-hour security during Angel’s stay in New Haven.

Angel told LaFiga, “I’m not scared. I’ve been getting hate mail since I’ve been doing my work. Some people think I’m what’s wrong with the world. But I wasn’t expecting it from Yale, an institute of higher learning. It took me by surprise.”

Angel’s speech last Saturday went on as planned. According to, he shared his life story with an audience of about 50 students.

He talked about the importance of self-acceptance and urged the students to be independent from the labels society assigns them.

Students had mixed opinions on the star and his visit.

Master’s Teas are informal interviews hosted by the Masters of Yale’s residential colleges.

Sex Week At Yale is an interdisciplinary sex education program designed to pique academia's interest in sex, intimacy and relationships through interactive events.