Syren Latex Featured in Bridgestone Tires’ Super Bowl Commercial

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — The estimated 106.5 million viewers of Sunday’s Super Bowl got a glimpse at a sexy blonde dressed in Syren Latex featured in a Bridgestone Tires commercial.

The 30-second spot that ran during the big game is described as having a post-apocalyptic feel, and tells the story of a villainous gang trying to steal the Bridgestone Tires off a car they have stopped on a rain-slicked highway by erecting a barricade in the dark of night.

The tough-guy leader of the gang threatens the driver with the challenge, “Okay, here’s the deal, your tires or your life.” He then proceeds to laugh maniacally.

The driver spins his car 180 degrees, leaving behind the bewildered, beautiful blonde, attired in Syren’s gleaming, skintight black rubber top and leggings set, which was a customized version of Syren’s Zippered Latex Halter.

The gang leader quickly realizes that he was misunderstood because of his thick Cockney accent, and he shouts hopelessly at the quickly disappearing driver: “Wait! Stop! I said your tires or your life, not your wife.”

Syren’s latex couture collection is available at The boutique is located at 2809 1/2 W. Sunset Blvd., in Los Angeles.