Free Speech Coalition Maps Out Anti-Piracy Program at XBIZ LA

Bob Johnson

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) launched its most impressive salvo against content piracy at XBIZ LA today mapping out its 8-step Anti-Piracy Action Program (A-PAP) and detailing the comprehensive efforts of its new system’s software partner Vobile.

Diane Duke, FSC executive director stressed two major points at the FSC Launches Anti-Piracy Action Program seminar here.

She said that tube and torrent sites (referred to as user generated content, or UGC-sites) that steal content are being put on notice and will receive take down notices.

Duke added that content producers will now have a way to monetize their pirated content through the Vobile software program that will provide a rev-share opportunity similar to an affiliate program.

The eight-step program includes: 1) Copyright registration of content 2) Indemnifying the infringing sites 3) Take down notices 4) Statistics monitoring 5) Site content monetization 6) Litigation coordination 7) Research, education and outreach 8) Anti-piracy branding

Using the Vobile software package, producers can track infringing sites and determine what content they’ve pirated and other important data in order to issue take down notices and for possible litigation.

The A-PAP up-front cost for producers is $450 and the must be members of the FSC. Duke noted for a limited time, the cost will be reduced to $250. In addition, for the first 10-19 titles a producer enters into the program the cost is $40 per title, per month.

In addition, producers will receive a monthly newsletter outlining all of A-PAPs efforts.

Duke said that these very reasonable costs were negotiated so that all studios – large and small – could participate. Although some of the larger studios are already on board including Vivid Entertainment, Wicked Pictures, Digital Playground, Titan Media and Adam & Eve, Duke said “I want the mom and pop producers to also be able to sign up,” she said.

Duke also noted that the monetization rev-share program will meet the industry standard of 50%.

The Vobile “VideoTracker” technology “fingerprints” content so that it can be tracked and then identify pirate sites. Duke said that by joining forces with Vobile – a provider of anti-piracy solutions for the mainstream movie industry – the adult industry is in a better position to receive assistance from organizations like the MPAA.

“Our industry has the ability to be nimble, so it’s time to show what we can do,” Duke said.

Duke has enlisted Gill Sperlein, Titan Media in-house counsel and long-time anti-piracy advocate to spearhead the A-PAP efforts along with the FSC.

Sperlien said that A-PAP will provide studios with a simple solution for something as important as a copyright. “Copyrighting content is extremely important because it allows a studio to begin a legal suit, deduct attorney fees, collect statistics and collect damages that can be anywhere from $750 - $150K.

The attorney also said that the program allows for multiple studios to become “multiple plaintiffs” against the biggest abusers. Some 16 UGC sites are being targeted in the first wave of anti-piracy efforts by the FSC.

Those interested in learning more can attend a one-hour on-line seminar next Tuesday and Wednesday, February 16 and 17.

More information from the FSC by calling (818) 348-9373.