zBUCKz.com Purchases InsanePay Affiliate Program

Ariana Rodriguez
LONDON — Panorama Pacific, umbrella company for gay affiliate program zBUCKz.com, has purchased the InsanePay.com affiliate program and its associated websites, content and marketing material.

The deal includes an all exclusive and already established European twink site, BoysFromPrague.com, as well as a new Latin-themed twink site to be announced.

“We saw the opportunity with BoysFromPrague.com to really build on Simon's idea of making an extremely high quality twink site, featuring the kinds of gorgeous models the Czech Republic has become known for,” company director Daniel "DannyZ" Kaufman said. “To that end, we have content producers currently filming exclusive high definition content for us, all based in and around Prague featuring the cutest Czech twinks.”

In addition, zBUCKz announced that it is bringing on the former owner of InsanePay.com, Simon Fornara, to continue with the company as an affiliate manager.

“We decided to let InsanePay run as its own company separate to zBUCKz, to really focus on serving the needs of webmasters,” Kaufman said. “This is also why we decided to bring Simon aboard. Simon has extensive experience with both working as an affiliate, and working as an affiliate manager of his own program, and for that reason no one will be able to offer better support to our affiliate webmasters then him.”

Simon said he is excited to join the company after trying to run things on his own.

“After six months of trying to run the InsanePay affiliate program by myself, I realized just how hard it is and how much work is involved,” Fornara said. “With the backing of the fantastic crew at zBUCKz, we will have the resources to make the site exactly how I originally envisioned, and really grow the InsanePay program. This is an excellent opportunity for webmasters to promote what is going to be the premiere twink affiliate program.”

The company said it will offer a wide array of affiliate tools to be available soon for InsanePay webmasters, including embedded videos, RSS Feeds, hosted blogs, FHGs and MGPs.

The affiliate program is being managed by CCBill. Webmasters will get 50 percent of all gross sales on revenue share, with no split on processing fees, or they can promote via a $30 PPS program.