DirtyBoyVideo Releases Anti-Piracy Awareness Campaign

Bob Johnson

NEW YORK — DirtyBoyVideo.com has embarked on a public service campaign producing a series of short videos aimed at raising public awareness regarding piracy and illegal tube sites.

It is time the gay adult entertainment industry made an effort to educate the consumer," said Andy Fair, owner of DirtyBoyVideo. "Those who feel the real toll of piracy and free porn aren't the faceless production companies, but the most vulnerable members of the industry - the models themselves."

While acknowledging that several companies do a great service by taking legal action against pirate sites, DirtyBoyVideo said it wants to touch the customers directly. "It is the fans of gay adult entertainment who choose whether or not to support piracy," the company said.

As a leading producer of gay reality and amateur content, DirtyBoyVideo is in a unique position to understand the economic impact piracy has on individual models. "These guys are just trying to pay for college, get their teeth fixed, or just buy something nice for their mom's birthday," Fair said. "It's not all cock and coke!"

The video can be viewed on the site at dirtyboyvideo.com/promo/pay4yourporn/ .