Dutch Government Passes Anti-Bestiality Laws

Nick Roberts

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands — The Dutch Senate passed laws today prohibiting sex with animals and the distribution of virtual materials depicting bestiality.

The voting by the Dutch Upper Chamber passed the bill with a small majority of 39 for and 34 against. The nays were the members of the fractions of Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) CDA and People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, (VVD).

A Dutch source told XBIZ that the opposing parties voted against the bill feeling they were impossible to enforce and would not stem animal abuse, which was a central focus of the legislation.

“They [the nay voters] think its more a political law based on Dutch standards and values instead of facts,” the source said.

The new laws will dramatically curtail the revenues of content producers who have relied on the niche for years. The source said, “We are busy with some other major animal producers to combine our forces. First to sue the government for millions to compensate for our lost business which was always legal. We have invested much so we have right on some kind of compensation.”

Another option is that the producers will move their content and activities to other countries like Spain or Denmark where it is still legal.

“But we still have some time to decide. The law is accepted but they are now working on all law conditions. That could take several weeks or even months and until they make it official it will still be legal to operate," he said..