Coquette Introduces Its 2010 Masquerade Costume Catalog

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario — Coquette released its Masquerade costume catalog at the 2010 Halloween & Party Expo.

The event took place at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston on Jan. 23-26.

“This show is ideal because it allows people to touch and feel our pieces before committing to them,” a Coquette representative said. “We’re one of the leading adult costume makers not only because of our creative costumes, but because although we have low prices, the quality of our work is never sacrificed.”

The line will be available in July.

The catalog’s “Around the World” section features the Matador outfit which features a black and white romper with ruffled neckline, stretch cotton cropped jacket with gold trim, thigh high stretch and fishnet stockings as well as a red bull fighting cape. The outfit received rave reviews from attendees, the company said.

According to Coquette many other costumes from the 2010 catalog received rave reviews, including the Prep School Girl, Sexy Lumberjack and construction themed costumes for men and women called Jack Hammer and Cutie Construction Worker.

Coquette also introduced a new Create Your Own Costume concept for its 2010 line. They’ve provided a wide variety of accessories such as skirts, tops, hats, headbands and a wide array of leggings that can be mixed and matched to create a personalized and individual costume.

“Accessories have always been a popular part of any line,” said Catherine Horea, senior vice president of Coquette. “Knowing this fact we thought why not make more available for Halloween so that our customers can show their creative side and style their own unique costume and avoid having the same outfit as someone else.”

To receive the 2010 Masquerade catalog, visit or call (800) 668-5477.