Adds CCBTools

Ariana Rodriguez
DALLAS — Muscle-man niche affiliate program ManifestMen has made the official switch to the CCBTools affiliate tools delivery system.

CCBTools allows affiliates to update content, including photo sets and videos, as well as install RSS feeds, XML dumps and direct updates to legal tube sites more easily, the company said.

“As affiliates promoting a special niche, they deserve the best possible tool sets for their marketing,” Manifest Media CEO Alex Sulaco said. “We are experts at selecting, shooting and presenting muscle studs, but we are not computer geeks. We needed a package that would offer simple as well as sophisticated tools that would also be easy for us to manage and support. We have that now in CCBTools.”

Sulaco said he swapped out his expensive custom-built program when he learned of CCBTools' user-friendly system.

“Rather than continuing to pay for modifications to our old program, it made more sense to move over to a product with a small monthly license fee that was constantly being updated and improved,” Sulaco said. “As Manifest Men has moved ahead, we needed a more dynamic way of servicing the needs of our affiliates and CCBTools was the answer.”

CCBTools owner James “Tanker” said as he became familiar with Manifest Media it was immediately clear the company would maximize the use of CCBTools' customization options, offering the best experience on both the consumer and affiliate ends.

“Affiliates are looking for RSS feeds, gallery and FLV data dumps and as much automation as they can get,” Tanker said. “CCBTools makes it easy for affiliates to get this data and promote without having to jump through any hoops. Our goal was to make it easily usable for anyone. Based on feedback from our clients we are making the challenges and time consumption minimal.”